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So far I don’t have a story yet. Maybe this summer I could fill this page with stories and photos…..


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  1. Uncle D

    More on Quimontod! If I am right the house on top of the hill use to be small chapel build by Nay Tinay own hand. The ir is a tall baligang tree that we were scared to get close because it was rumored it is being guarded by a head skull of a dead relative. That baligang fruit is the sweetest in the area. Anyway the old house use to be closer to the road. You could here from the house if the bus own by a bus company called ALATCO & BITRANKO. You have lot of time to be ready for your bus ride before you here the sound of it coming because you could hear the sound of the engine miles and miles away. I can remember that house well because you had to cross the Tilapia fish pound (now palawan plants) and see the geese and ducts swimming. The geese were very noisy when we had visitors and very protective of their checks they chased the visitors away.
    Most memorables of the house were: the windows made of catipay that makes the leaving room always bright even at night when there is moonlight. I could smell the bananas and other fruits when you get in. The big altar in the leaving room were we says our rosary before going to bed. Nay Tinay use to dress this altar beautifully and colorful during Flores de Mayo where the neighborhood girls came and sang while showering it with flower petals. then we were serve cookies and drinks.
    My childhood memories was before your time, this blog helps me remember those days i was there. Thank you!

    December 14, 2011 at 6:13 am

    • Thank you for dropping by. The chapel that Nay Tinay built was near balig-ang tree and pili tree. The balig-ang is now gone but the pili tree is still there. I used to climbed that pili tree and you could see the sea beyond Pamurayan from the top.


      December 14, 2011 at 6:43 am

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