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Joyride in Angono, Rizal

November 2007 to April 2008, me and my family temporarily living in Antipolo. Actually the place i s already part of Angono. Don’t know why they (residents) prefered to be called residents of Antipolo. My brother in law lend me his motor bike to be used as my service going to and from Antipolo proper. Eager to explore the place, I drove opposite to my usual route. With a GPS map installed in my mind, memorized from google map on a previous night.

I was impressed by a breath taking views that greeted me when I got out of that subdivision. It was a straight road going down and up. I asked permission from the guard of one subdivision if I could take some pictures of the view from inside. But he didn’t let me in. Before going down on a zigzag road, there was a spot where you could clearly see the laguna de bay.

Photos below are  the shots taken from my nikon cool pix. (nikonian ever since.)

The straight road over looking Laguna de bay

Behind me is Laguna de bay

Cement factory

Trees by the road

this is the best spot over looking Laguna de Bay

Dangerous cliff



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